I have wide experience on publications large and small, including textbooks, contributed volumes, fiction, study aids and other educational materials. I provide copy-editing and proofreading services –  hard copy or on-screen. Most of the manuscripts I receive are in MS Word, so I am used to the technical aspects of this format, including templates, macros and styles. I am also familiar with the usual UK and US style guides and can work to publishers' house styles.

The vast majority of my work requires direct communication with authors; you will see from my testimonials that these relationships have been productive and successful.

If you are thinking about – or are in the process of – converting your current titles and/or your back list to eBooks, I have several years’ experience of proofreading conversions. I have my own iPad, Galaxy Note, Kobo, basic Kindle and Kindle Fire so I can receive files by email and start immediately.



Recent clients

Swales & Willis; Crown House Publishing; Fakenham Prepress; York Press;  Creative Media;


         Wellhouse Publishing; Florence Production;

          Hodder; I B Publishing.