If you are thinking of self-publishing I can give your manuscript a basic proofread, a copy-edit or help with a substantial rewrite Ė  you decide how much intervention you need.

I have worked with authors from various parts of the world, including those whose first language is not English, and have always had excellent feedback.



I can proofread your assignment, dissertation, clinical paper or thesis and check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. I will cross-check to make sure that the citations in the document have been included in your list of references or bibliography. I can also format your work to a particular style (e.g. BPS, APA, Chicago, MLA) or according to your departmentís specifications regarding layout. I canít add to your work but I will let you know if something seems to be incorrect.

I have worked with several students for whom English wasnít their first language so there is no need to worry about using the correct words!       

Whether youíre an international student or a native-English speaker, contact me and we can discuss how I can help. Email me a sample of your work and I can give you an idea about time and cost. In my experience, students tend to leave things to the last minute;  I can promise to do my best to return the completed manuscript to you ahead of your deadline . . . or let you know if it isn't possible!